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What is 3d House Rendering?

3d residential house rendering is the process of creating a lifelike image of a house from a 2d plan or drawing. Whether drawn on a napkin or a from a full set of CAD drawings, residential renderings can be created from almost any type of plan.

Shapeshifter is a leading provider of 3d residential house rendering services. Our clients range from developers and home builders to architects and designers. Moreover, we have also created 3d residential house renderings for homeowners themselves.

We use advanced software and rendering techniques to create 3d residential renderings.

There are many uses to exterior residential renderings. Primarily, real estate professionals use our renderings to market their designs. Second, developers, architects, and designers use imagery for stakeholder approval. Finally, individuals and homeowners simply want to see a visual of something not yet built.

3d house rendering is a process that combines technical and artistic expertise to bring a plan to life. It gives stakeholders and decision makers the ability to communicate their ideas in a meaningful and simple way. Primarily, 3d house rendering is a visual communication tool.


How does Residential Rendering work?

House and home rendering typically consist of 3 stages. First, we take your 2d plans and build a 3d model from them. This is the stage where you can look at the 3d model itself. Also, we take the 3d model and determine a preferred camera angle with you. Think of it like building a clay model and then determining where to take the most appealing photograph of the structure.

Next, we bring the 3d model to life. This is where the magic happens. To start, we texture and color the 3d model to your specifications. This can be a list of finishes and materials or we can simply match a style from a photograph. In this stage, you will have an opportunity to review your elevation rendering and make any necessary adjustments.

Finally, after the first and second drafts have been completed, we render the final image. In this final step we compile your comments, make any necessary revisions and provide you with the final high-resolution digital image. From here, you will be able to begin integration of the imagery into your marketing campaign!


Why choose Shapeshifter as your 3d House Rendering provider?

Here at Shapeshifter, we are a rendering company that has been in the architectural visualization business for over 10 years. Furthermore, we have created thousands of renderings for customers all over North America. Not only are we a trusted provider of 3d rendering services for major residential developers, but we also provide our services to architects, designers, and individual homeowners.

Moreover, we provide world class service to our clientele. With 1-on-1 project management, dedicated customer service and outstanding support, we want to to help our customers succeed.


Residential rendering experts

Specifically, in terms of house and home rendering, we have created thousands of these types of visualizations. We can quickly and efficiently get your rendering completed without compromising quality.

Each of our clients is provided with a private account on our cloud server. The online cloud server will house all your renderings. With access from anywhere 24/7, you can download and send your renderings to your marketing team with ease. Additionally, a simple shareable link can be created. This way, you can easily e-mail the link to stakeholders and decision-makers.


Benefits of 3d Exterior Rendering

There are numerous benefits to residential rendering services. Typically, the most obvious benefit is how much more appealing a 3d rendering is over a 2d plan. 2d black and white plans have their place, but a 3d rendering can truly communicate the size, space, and weight of the structure.


Furthermore, the cost savings from a pre-construction perspective can be astounding. Combining several of our services such as house rendering, interior rendering, and 3d virtual tours can eliminate the need to build a model home. As a result, your customers will not only just see a pretty picture. They will also be able to navigate completely through a property that doesn't exist yet.


Pre-construction benefits

More often than not, 3d renderings are ideal for pre-construction. What better way to show off your un-built structure than a 3d rendering? Not only do they help prospects visualize the property, but they also help sell them faster too. Further, prospective buyers can download, share beautiful imagery with friends and family. Who wouldn't be excited about their new home when they can see a hyper-realistic 3d rendering?


How much does 3d House Rendering cost?

The cost of 3d residential rendering varies based on a few select factors. First, the size of the space determines the complexity of the project. Next, the number of views required will be a factor in the cost of the project. Finally, the quantity and timeline of your project influence the price of 3d residential rendering services.

Creating an elevation rendering requires both technical and artistic expertise. Each project is different and as such, we provide a customized quote for every one of our customers. Moreover, we can work within your budget to provide you with a cost-effective solution.

For a comprehensive and detailed quote, please contact us or try our 3d rendering price calculator.


How long does it take?

On average, we provide the first draft of most renderings within 5 business days. Much of the time, even less. Additionally, we can provide express services and complete larger volumes of renderings in much shorter amounts of time. No matter the size and scope of your project, we can meet and exceed your expectations.


Ready to begin?

3d house and home renderings are one of our core services. We have been creating residential elevation renderings for over a decade. Furthermore, we have a team of architectural and 3d rendering professionals that will ensure your project is a success. Combined with our dedicated customer service and project management, you will be thrilled with the results.

Bring your plans to life with photo-realistic 3d rendering services. From hyper-realistic exteriors to complete interior 3d virtual tours, Shapeshifter will bring your marketing strategy to a new level. Excite your prospects by using eye-popping imagery in your next project.


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