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Exterior rendering is the process of creating an accurate visual representation of an architectural design or plan. At Shapeshifter, we use sophisticated software to create photo-realistic illustrations that provide a detailed look into a designers vision. Our company provides a wide range of 3D rendering services, and this includes exterior visualization.


What is Exterior Building Rendering?

Exterior building rendering is the process of rendering the entire exterior portion of the property. We will create an illustration that showcases the facade, windows, doors, roof, texture and other external elements.

The illustration is designed according to the client’s requirements. Some need a simple design that shows the basic appearance of the exterior, while others require a more detailed view. Our experts can create both simple and complex renderings that show all aspects of the property clearly.


How Is Architectural Rendering Done?

Rendering starts with collecting and entering data into our software. Our experts look at the dimensions in architectural sketches, site layouts, floor layouts, pictures of inspiration, and other such information. They scan images, study textures, and colors, and make careful note of all aspects of the architect's design. This information is then used to build a 3d model. Further, the model is then textured.


Once we have all the necessary information, we start designing on our proven 3d rendering software workflow. Our first step is to create an initial draft view for the client. This is a rough rendering, but it provides a brief glimpse of the end product. Once the client has approved of this rendering, we provide 2 rounds of revisions to satisfy our customers' requirements.


What Are the Benefits of Digital Rendering?

Most professional designers and architects consider digital rendering an essential aspect of their project. There are several benefits of a visual representation of their designs, such as:

  • Rendering provides a realistic view of what the finished building project will look like.
  • Architects and their clients can view the layout from different camera angles and study the details more carefully.
  • We can include different textures and materials in the designs as well. For example, if you want the property to have a metal roof instead of shingles, we can highlight the texture in the home rendering. This adds another layer of realism to the design.
  • Digital rendering brings designs to life. You can send the file to the client directly and get feedback from them on the design.

These are just some of the many benefits of digital rendering services. They’re a worthwhile investment that can help your project move forward smoothly. 


Where Can You Use Real Estate Renderings? 

You can use rendering in many different aspects of the project. Detailed illustrations can be used in marketing and sales materials like real estate websites, brochures, ads, and magazines. You can also use these files to brief the client and showcase the best aspects of your design.

Renderings also act as guidelines for the construction team. They can check the design regularly to ensure the project is always on track. For example, a landscape rendering will provide a clear layout for the landscape to professionals. This ensures there are no mistakes during the construction process, and the client is satisfied with the result.  


How Much Does Exterior Rendering Cost? 

Exterior rendering costs depend largely on the scale of your project. The rendering process is complex and time-consuming. Our experts spend hours refining and polishing the design to ensure it lives up to the standards of the client. Every project is different, which is why the cost can vary from one project to another.

Our experts provide detailed quotes after taking all your requirements into account. They'll ask questions about the project, look at all the information provided, and consider the work required carefully before giving an estimate. This ensures you get the most accurate quote possible and don't have to deal with any unexpected expenses at the end.

We offer a no-obligation estimate, so you're not bound by any contract. If you find the estimate acceptable and our preliminary consultation satisfactory, we will start working on the architectural visualization.   

If you need reliable 3D rendering services to bring your vision to life, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our expert team provides a wide range of services that will fit all of your requirements.

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