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  • Exterior 3d Rendering
  • Exterior 3d Rendering
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3d Virtual Tours

Bring your pre-construction presentations to a new level with fully immersive, 3d virtual tours.

Exterior 3d Rendering

Showcase the exterior of your property in its best light with exterior 3d rendering services.

Interior 3d Rendering

Our interior 3d rendering services can help you visualize your concepts unique style and design.

Rendered Site Plans

Rendered site plans can help your customers gain a better understanding of the whole picture.

2d/3d Floor Plans

2d and 3d floor plans can bring your plan presentation to a new level.
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Architectural Visualization Services

Today, getting your message out is more important than ever. Providing potential clients with memorable user experiences is a must in order to stand out in the crowd. If a potential home-buyer has the opportunity to interact and visualize the purchase / lifetime investment they are making, there is a much better chance they will see the purchase through to completion. Providing your clients with technical plans and black & white line drawings that are difficult to visualize for a person without a good imagination, is an anchor in your sales cycle. Providing a clear picture in a clean, presentable format, will generally leave the client more confident when making their decision to purchase a new home.

Shapeshifter helps home builders visualize their products. A picture is worth a thousand words and when that picture is clear as day, your customers will respond. Shapeshifter provides Exterior Residential Renderings, Exterior Commercial Renderings, Interior 3d Renderings, 2d & 3d Site Plans, 2d Floor Plans and 3d Floor Plans. Other services we provide include full motion 3d Animations and Interactive 3d Virtual Tours. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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